International Seishin Ryu Karate Federation India (ISKF)
About Us

Seishinryu is a traditional Karate ryuha which was made by Sensei Kikuchi Kazuo in 1957. Kikuchi Kazuo Soke first he learned Aikido under Ueshiba sensei of Aikido founder. After that Kikuchi Kazuo Soke learned Karate from Soke Konishi Ryosuke sensei of Shindojinenryu. Butokukai Renshi Sodeyamma Housaku sensei, he is a direct disciple of Motob Choki Okinawa, and Butokukai Renshi Inagaki Gobei sensei. After the war, Kikuchi Soke worked as Shindo jinenryu Honbu Shihan. He received8-Dan from KonishiSoke and he opened Seishinkan Kikuchi Dojo in Tokpyo Mita. Seishinryu Karate started in 1957. There was a technical adviser of Seishinryu, Konishi Soke of Shindojinenryu, Yamada Soke of Nibhonkenpokaratedo, he is brother disciple of Konishi Soke, and Aikido founder Ueshiba sensei. In 1963, KikuchiSoke joined All Japan Karatedo Federation and he was appointed as a director. He wondered about some rules of competition so he withdrew and chose his own way.
In 1967, Soke established All Japan Seishinkai as aggregate of each branch and adopted wearing protector as a formal Kumite way. So Seishinryu was old and long established federation. After that, seishinryu was spread all Japan, there were 200 branches, 4000 students and also spread abroad too, Singapore, Canada, America, Spain.
First Soke died without appointing Second Soke(the person who take over seishinryu) so once his daughter took over and worked as secondly Soke Waken. But Old Tokyo Honbu members and vice President of Seishinryu, they established New Ryuha, so that she quit her role as taking over Seishinryu because of her less karate experience. Seishinryu was weaken because their representative lost. But branch cheif who kept practise and who worked as a Shihan, they established Seushinryu Karatedo institute as a unite for keep and remain Seishinryu Karate. They made Hikita Seiken sensei as a new representative and highest Hanshi of Seishinryu at all Japan branch chief sensei have been a old Utunomiya branch chief and also old disciple of Kikuchi Soke since Soke Starting Seishinryu. Their decision also was to follow under the Seishinryu Honbu rules(agreement)-Chapter 2,No.10. As a mother federation, Seishinryu Sapporo branch was established in 1957. Branch cheif Okubo Katsumi restarted Seishinryu parties and Federation as Seishinkan Okubo dojo in 1986 after Kikuchi soke dead.(Seishinkai account for 90% over Seishinryu in all Japan). Seishinryu spread widely, and Okubo sensei made NPO all Japan seishinkai which got first permission of non profit organization in 2004 for providing steady practice and took over the federation that was named by Kikuchi Soke. All Japan Seishinkai Karate Federation in Japan which works for spreading Seishinryu. Mainly Hokkaido, 125 branches in all Japan. It works hard spreading Seishinryu Karate.
All Japan Seishinkai Karate Federation is No.1 Biggest federation in Karate in Hokkaido which has one representative person of one parties.
In 2012 of August Last year, Seishinryu celebrated its 55th Aniversery. In that great occasion Okubo Katsumi Kaicho took over as Third generation Soke from Second Soke Hikita sensei. Seishinryu karate have a different colour in modern Karate which focus on competition, because Seishinryu Karate is not focus on major competition, basically main practice in Kihon, Kata, Yakusokukumite for physical and health. International Seishinryu Karate Federation is now established in abroad such as Srilanka, India. This are the main branches in South Asia and there are many affliation in 20 countries such as Middle America, Middle East, Europe. Seis hinkai is not only karate. It is focus on Iai, Old martial arts,Bujyutu Exercise,and We are helping and supporting for other countries like International friendship exchange activities.
About Souhonbu Dojo/Sakaedori Seishinkan (Head Quarter office)

All Japan Seishinkai Karatedo Federation (Main Dojo) Souhonbu, That was built by reinforced concrete, is Second floor, 687 m sq. That is a largest and biggest dojo in Hokkaido. Our (Main dojo) has 2 divided buildings, Main building and Second building, behind the second building we have the parking. Main dojo is 198 m2, Second dojo is 132 m2, under the second dojo we have a special training room, that is 49 m2. Main dojo 1 floor, We have a office of NPO all Japan Seishinkai.
Address: 003-0021
Sakaedori-1-27, Shiroisiku, Sapporoshi
All Japan Seishinkai Karatedo Federation Souhonbu
TEL: 011-300-0048(12:00-16:00)
Everyone can enjoy, That karate is Seishinryu

About Kids & Junior Karate

Kids who are from 3 years old can join our karate. Karate practice and moving is one of the excellent physical training. seishinryu Karate is a best exercise for the grow up and balance of children’s body, and less damage of their bone and muscle. And can be training both the side left and right of the body. The Special character of Seishinkai karate is, not focus on competition and basically main practice is for physical and health. Not focus on competition is the most different part from other karate federation. Children have not power to withstand hardship or stress compare to adults. But they can show special concentration for their interests. Our policy is that we find and bring their concentration from enjoyable karate practice little by little,we do not want them concentrate forcibly through strict practice. The parents think and feel their children’s grow up is slow, but we hope and wish going easy on about children.
 Seishinkai has not parents association like other sports has. so family and parents has no duty to participate in Event and competition. Everyone csn join our event and competition freely.
 In our normal practice, Parents can’t see their kids inside a class because children can’t concentrate in their practice from their spoiling of parents.So parents must drop children off at our class and take them at the end of our class.
 Children are playful and cheerful, running around, that is naturally. They become strong physically and release their stress through karate practice. Our Seishinkai karate’s hope is that children’s mind and physical be healthy. Through our enjoyable karate, children can learn and consider when they had better follow to the adults or situations little by little.
 Our enjoyable practice
o Soft swards that make children’s reflex nerve grow up.
o Pillars climbing gave to children playful feeling.
o Using air punch bag is safety and enjoyable practice.
o Children can enjoy Kumite with using protector.
o Soft lubber Nunchaku practice.
 Women also can enjoy our Seishinkai Karate!
Ladies karate
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